Julia Wilkinson

I have a 37-year banking career prior to leaving to work as a business and finance consultant. I spent the last 12 years of my banking career in Commercial Banking working closely as a relationship
manager with SMEs running a wide range of different types of business.

I have a specialism in finance with a deep understanding of financial accounts/cashflow/business plans as well as funding sources structures. I have achieved a Chartered Banker Diploma in Lending
(syllabus requires all-around business knowledge as well as lending). This is the latest of many professional certificates held.

I also have a very good understanding of business structures and operations and I have helped business owners with a broad range of requirements: eg finding and arranging finance/understanding what grant options are available/ preparing cash flow forecasts/ supporting owners source appropriate bank account and actioning paperwork/ advising on appropriate policies and procedures needed in their business.

In addition to my specialism in finance, my general business knowledge is very good and I know what businesses need so the correct expertise is brought in when appropriate. I have a broad business network which I can use to bring in a wide range of services for clients if needed. I have a particular interest in fraud and cybercrime and have good knowledge of the issues and what businesses can do to protect themselves. I am passionate about helping businesses succeed and support the local economy. I would like to give something back and help others achieve their dreams.